Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's Official: I Am Completely Lame... 

It's that time, once again. When the treetops alight in fiery hues and there hangs a crisp chill in the air, it is understood that Derek can't get his "shit" together and come up with anything worth a damn to post on this "blog." As such, I'm reverting back to that thing which I promised I would "whip out" once posting became strained: The big-time comic strip dialogue contest thing (where you can win prizes)...Heck, you all know the drill by now, right? Good. Here's that comic:
click it, it swells up
Make me whole again.
So there is it, kids! Fill those vacant spaces with thrilling dialogue (or, at the very least, strings of letters) and, if judged to be the best by a jury of your peers, you too can be like our past winners and experience the glowing pride (and ever-expanding cranium) which only winners know...

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