Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Results Of The Comic Strip "Contest"... 

warning: this post is LOOOOONG and has a lot of images.
First off, I'd like to thank those of you who participated in the "fill the balloon" comic strip contest thing from last week. There were some efforts put forth which I would consider "admirable," bordering even on "awesome." Some of you, though, have unhealthy obsessions with certain areas of the body which we'll probably need to talk with a counselor about after class. You know who you are. Anyhow, It's now time to unveil the entries and, since I'm a nice guy (sorta) and not necessarily the "iron fist dictator guy" that I COULD be, I'm gonna let you folks VOTE (that's right, the ol' democratic process) on which comic turned out the best...Before I get on wit' 'de bidness of displayin' the (now wordy) comics, a small disclaimer:

this is, after all, my blog/site/thing and I have sole discretion, when interpreting your so-called "script" for the oddly random comic, to re-write any dialogue as I see fit. In fact, I did re-write MOST of the dialogue, either to condense it or simply because I didn't like it. This is not a personal assault on whomever's dialogue I re-wrote, it's merely because I could. Also: click on the things, they'll get bigger. Hang on, here we go...

The first person to "enter the contest," so to speak, was Jessica from New Jersey. I did a little re-writin' on her dialogue, but the spirit, I believe, remained intact. Here is Jessica's entry...We'll call it "Entry #1":
Jessica's Entry

The second individual to toss his (or her) "hat into the ring," so to speak, was our old buddy Collin who warned me (AFTER I read his stuff, mind you) that he "wasn't very funny" on the day that he did this. I think I re-wrote some of his. Either way, here it is:
Collin's Entry

Up next, the always funny, but insanely wordy HappyFunBall. As you will see, because of all of the dialogue which ol' FunBall typed up, I had to change the format of the "balloons." Still, I think this was the only one that I didn't edit or re-write in any way...Enjoy:
Straight outta Albuquerque

And the next individual to "give it a go" was HonestyRain who, forgive me, but I keep reading as "Honey Strain." Anyhow, she (or he, I don't know. I should really get around to reading more blogs) seems to have an unhealthy obsession with cramming things into the "piewagon" area of the body. It's ok, though, 'cause the contest was all about...um...Words...and stuff...Anyhow, here's HonestyRain's entry:
Honey S...I mean Honesty Rain

Next up, in our epic battle of comic strip head-to-head-tohead-to...Anyway, the next person to comment was that Evil Science Chick herself...um...Evil Science Chick. She was the second person to make a soylent green reference in her dialogue. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, what with the fearful reaction of the character in the first panel. Anyhow, here's how ol' ESC fared:
Evil Science knows no master!

Next up was my sister who fell victim to the trap of knowing whom I patterned the homeless-looking fellow in the second panel after. After a bit of a re-write, her sharp little entry is right here:
My seester Heather

The next individual to comment was my friend Diana. She didn't write any dialogue, but was quizzical as to what the title (OMGWTFLOLLOL) of the strip meant. To answer your question: WTF does NOT mean "way too funny."

next up, my wife (Heather or "Squee") gave the whole "writin' dialogue" thing a whack. I think that she was a little perturbed when I told her that I may have re-wrote her entry a slight bit. Either way, here it is in all of it's glory:

Next up...(look, I know that this is a lot of stuff, but just bear with me, only a few more to go. SIT DOWN! No, you can't take a bathroom break...Where was I?) Yes, next up is the Rocket Man of MuNu himself, Ted or Rocket Jones as he's known to his contemporaries. Ted had himself an artistic vision, something about mimes. Anyway, ignoring that, I did this one just for him:
Rocket to the Moon
Ted DID add a post to his blog directing people to come to MY blog and enter THIS contest. So for that, I say "thanks."

Next up, Professor Kakyouin himself, Justin Carmical tried his hand at fillin' the ol' comic strip balloons with "words" and things. His entry is here:
Kakyouin Komic

The next fine fellow to throw a few words the way of the blank strip was the only one garnered from Rocket's plea for entries, the Tuning Spork. I have to say, I liked the Spork's idea of carrying a theme through the strip. Check it out, it's right here:
Tune it up, Spork

And finally, we come to the last entry. In fact, it was SO MUCH the last entry, that it came in while I was creating the finished strips yesterday. That's right, the vaunted Pat Angello took time away from maintaining his fan club and writing freak train stuff to type up a little comic strip dialogue for us. Here that is right here in all of it's oddly homo-erotic "glory":
Pat's try

So there you have it. You know, if you've made it this far and actually LOOKED at all of the strip entries, you should probably be commended, that shows effort and commitment. Now, though, your work is not done. Oh no, NOW you have to VOTE for the one you liked the MOST! So go ahead! Comment away and tell me who's entry deserves the double-super-secret PRIZE that I mentioned...

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