Friday, September 23, 2005

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday-Let's Go Back In Time!.. 

And so, it's Friday. I was a little delayed in getting the (vaunted) Phrickin' Photoblog up for your viewing pleasure today because I was off seeing an orthopedic doctor earlier about some pesky "ligament" in my knee which decided to rip apart on Wednesday night. Anyhow, displaying my fervent dedication to the craft, I now present to you (yet another) riveting Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday: Back in Time!

Keep your hands, arms and ligaments inside the ride at all times. sickness bags are available in the pocket in front of you, your seat may be used as a flotation device, remember to click also on the "Comic Strip Voting" entry to continue the voting for your favorite rewritten strip. Voting will continue through the weekend and, oh yeah, "click on 'em, they get bigger"...Ready? Here we go.

The old Nova...When it was new!
We begin our relatively short trip down memory lane with a picture that, presumably, my mother (ever the composition master) took way back in August of 1969. That's my dad, driving off in their new 1969 Chevy Nova. Now, I know that it appears that they lived in some backwoods shack in this picture, but that is not the case. This was taken in my hometown of Colorado Springs, CO and the shack was somewhere up off of North Weber Street...Moving on...

My sister...When SHE was new!
And here we find ourselves in May of 1971 and the tiny little person we're staring at is my sister who, in this photograph, is a mere 4 months of age. You know, I really thought that the blue swing that she's hangin' out in was mine to begin with. I really did. Little did I know that the darn thing was a hand-me-down...

Not the happiest Easter
Moving ahead a bit (chronologically) and keeping with that whole sister theme, here she is, about a year later, on Easter, 1972. Apparently, a big day full of Jesus and Rabbits can really take it out of a 1 year old. Yep, it's only a matter of time before she tips right off of that chair into unconsciousness...You are getting sleeeepy...

Unitendtified Swinging Object
Here we have one of them "blurry, UFO-type" pictures. The difference here is that this ain't Area 51 and I can identify the swinging object as my sister who, once again, looks displeased. I CAN say that this picture was taken just after I was born, so I guess I can understand her displeasure. GET USED TO IT, KID!...Ah-heh...

Spooky Becky-The doll from hell
So here my sister is AGAIN, displaying what I can only imagine is her lone present from Christmas, 1974 (the first one which she had to share). If'n you can't tell, that there is "Spooky-Ass Becky - The Raggity Rag Doll from HELL..." What a great present! Here, honey, something that can sit on your dresser and fill your dreams with terror!..That thing is creepy...

Merry Christmas to YOUUUU
And here we are, 4 years later, celebrating the birth of Chirst in the year 1978. It appears that my parents were making up for past transgressions because, as you can plainly see by the announcement on the chalkboard, THIS CHRISTMAS IS JUST FOR YOU, HEATHER! Heh...Actually, I lie. I believe that JUST the chalkboard was hers. I can safely say that the Star Patrol Big Wheel was probably mine. Rock on!

Lousy-ass K-Mart costumes
And here we find ourselves at the end of our photographic journey in the happenin' year 1979. It IS Halloween (no, we didn't just dress this way every day). Looking at this photo, I really feel gypped. I mean, my sister, on the left there, got to be some sort of Bandito Ballerina...C.J., the kid who hung out with us for a while got a reasonably accurate Batman getup (on the right, obviously) and there I am, stuck in the middle with a fucked up plastic mask and a printed hefty bag with arm holes that depicts an ambiguously gay Popeye showing me what I WOULD'VE looked like if K-Mart sold costumes that were worth a damn. On top of that, I'm sure that I didn't get much candy that year...Ah, the memories...

And so that's it! Hope you enjoyed the ride and be sure to stop by the souvenir stand as you exit. We'll see you next week!

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