Thursday, September 29, 2005

Of Small Contests and Big Winners... 

And so, with the big contest all done and finished and the votes tallied and despite her benevolence in casting one vote for everyone but herself, the (venerable) Happy Fun Ball ended up the big winner of the super double-secret prize thing in my recent (small) "write the dialogue for the random comic strip contest thing (now with twice the fiber!)."

So...Way to go...Yeah...

Others receiving actual "votes," not just booze-fueled pity votes from our winner, include Tuning Spork and everyone's favorite Caucasian Asian, Justin Carmical (shukka shukka doo). Big thanks to everyone who participated in the "contest" and, to those of you who didn't participate: C'MON! WHADDAYA DOIN'!?


I'm sure that I'll find myself in a position to "fill space" with another of these contest-type thingies before too long so "stay tuned," as they say, there is more to come.

for Happyfunball: congratulations! You have been selected as the winner of a very prestigious contest! Your "prize" is ready to be mailed, we here at Action Cheese News just need to know where to send it...Up in the upper left corner of the page (no, farther up. Yeah, there) is a box that says "send me email." um...so, send me some email. And way to go.

Happy Thursday, kids!..

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