Friday, August 26, 2005

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday-Bad Hair Days Will Be Had By All!.. 

I know what you're thinking...No, I really do! You're thinking "I'm hungry and could use a burrito right about now." Yes you are...YES YOU ARE, admit it...Now, while I cannot help you with the burrito thing right now, I CAN fill that "Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday" shaped hole in your heart today...That's right, I HAVE PICTURES AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO SHARE THEM! As the title of today's exhibition would indicate, it's snapshots of some of my family members "at their worst," so to speak. At the very least, these ain't pictures that would find their way onto the Christmas card from their respective years. Ready to witness the carnage? I know you are...HERE WE GO! click, bigger, you know the drill...

Lookin' sharp!
What better way to start off such an inflammatory photoblog than with a shot of myself way back in 1978, looking ever so stylish in my western-themed shirt? I dig my dad's tux there, it's very hip, in a "it was still the '70's" kind of way...See that sad, solitary figure in the background there? That's my sister, apparently just waiting her turn to have her picture taken with dad...

the windblown look
And speaking of my sister (we were), here she is on a not-so-good hair day...Now, it WAS the 70's, that "natural, windblown look" thing WAS in, or so I hear, but she certainly doesn't look too pleased about it. Actually, what my mom wrote on the back of this photo was simple: "Heather before haircut." Ironically, I don't have one of the "after..."

Big 80's Hair
This, though, is the "after," in a sense. "way after," but after nonetheless. This, kids, is a great example of "big 80s hair" and even "big 80s redeye." This was before all of that "redeye reduction" and stuff. JUST LOOK AT THAT DEMONIC LOOK! That's right, she'll just as soon kill ya as look at ya...

Shock the Grandpa
Here we have a shot of my grandfather (on my mom's side) being taken by surprise by the paparazzi...This was before Grandpa had his heart attacks, but I can't help but thinking that little episodes of "shock," like this one, contributed to all of that...

um...Sorry, Grandpa...Anyway...he's still around, just so you all know.

Gots 'de googly eyes!
ahh, 1986, an awkward year for yours truly, to be sure. It was also the year wherein I got the bright idea to take a permanent marker and turn two golf balls into "googly eyes" for some unknown reason. so...um...yeah, there they are...But check out that shirt! Hell yeah! Proof that I was once a hardcore complete Goddamn geek professional wrasslin' fan...

Gots 'de googly eyes again!
ah, here we see that 'de googly eyes were truly HOURS of fun for everyone! Man, 1986 must've been a slow year...

You know, my mom really does love halloween. She dresses up in a unique costume every year and the year depicted here is no exception. She looks so proud to be a roll of lifesavers. I...um...have nothing more to say about this...moving on...

And, we end our photographic journey today with a shot of my little cousin Christopher, taken a few years ago. It appears that SOMETHING was mighty funny to him at the time...That, or maybe it's gas, I dunno...Either way, it's easy to see why my dad called him "Yoda" when he was this age. "mmm, yes...Take my picture, you will...Steal my soul you will..."

And that's that...You all have a fine weekend, now!

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