Monday, June 06, 2005

Another...Um..."Comic Strip" (For Your Viewing Pleasure)... 

As I was saying last week, I had another "comic strip" to complete, again on short notice. It's growing more and more obvious that (cut becausse I'm skeered of someone reading this), in addition to that, pulls Collin away for some time since he helps me "ink" the individual characters. I'm doubting that, when the (again, cut because I'm a wuss). With that said, I do have a new one to share and, since I don't have anything else to post...Here it is:
click-it gets bigger
While I did draw the toons, keep in mind that I did NOT come up with the script for this, nor did I come up with the names of the "villains."

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot...There's some big tall Herman Munster guy who was begging for blog traffic last week like a simpering infant would beg for a sweet, milky breast, full of...um...breasty, milky life-giving goodness...I guess...Anyway, If you're so inclined, why don't you visit him and help boost that self esteem of his...He huffs glue, by the way.

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