Monday, May 16, 2005

Heil Myself!.. 

So, apparently, I'm now the "Rules Nazi." I guess that there are worse things I could be...I mean, hey, rules are rules, right?

Apparently not if you're Collin...

On Friday evening, a number of "us" got together at my parents' place to play some games, like poker and stuff. At one point, most of us ventured over to the "clubhouse" to play "ping pong." At first, the pinging and ponging featured myself and Collin as a team against my wife and Collin's brother Trevor. After Collin and I beat them in 2 straight games, Trevor, being Trevor, demanded that I play him head up. After I dispatched him (with the help of some wicked serving, I might add), it was decided that I would then play Collin head up for some sort of championship...Or something...I dunno...Either way, we played ping pong.

Collin was a formidable opponent, more so than his brother, but at a critical point in the game, he committed an error in play. When I pointed this error out, it was not well received, but hey...Rules are rules...After I narrowly defeated Collin on the Ping Pong table, we went into the Billiards room to play "pool." Soon enough, I was teamed with Trevor, taking on Collin and my sister. At one point, I again noticed an "infraction of the rules" and acted accordingly. I was then told that I was now the "Rules Nazi" and appropriate taunting ensued...Apparently these people believe that all games should be played in an anarchistic manner...heh...

ALL HEIL DER RULES NAZI!..You have to...It's a "rule."

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