Monday, April 18, 2005

The Chili...It Points At Me... 

We were talking about a few different subjects at work today, from the (amusing) fact that there are odds on who will be chosen as the next Pope, to the (simply sad) fact that the CEO of our company is forwarding on a known hoax email to the rest of us. One of the (hot) topics which came up (briefly), is the "finger in the chili" incident which recently occured at a Wendy's location in San Jose, California. My tiny little brain got to clicking and whirring during the discussion of this latter topic, mostly because it was trying very hard to come up with "ideas" as to how rival fast food chains could benefit from this...strange happening. I decided (with the help of my gray matter) to whip up a fake ad in which KFC would be letting diners of the fast food world know that, while KFC serves many different things, they do not serve human body parts. The "ad" looks like this (click on it to see it "large" and "readable):
no fingers here
I especially like the triumphant, dancing cartoon colonel. I'll keep this up until I get a "cease and desist" letter from Mr. Sanders himself. Enjoy!

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