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Interview With A... 

Quizzes and crap...The ultimate "space filler." They're relatively easy, kind of fun and even slightly interesting...Dare I say, they're "better than nothing." With a lead-in like that, you have NO CHOICE but to expect a "quiz" entry (or a "meme" as some folks call it). You're mostly correct, except this is one of those "never ending story" type of quizzes. THIS, kids, is the "interview game."

I am participating in this thing because Diana participated on her blog. I know, I know, "If everyone jumped off a bridge, blah blah blah." I AGREED to be interviewed as part of the RULES! WE MUST ALL FOLLOW THE RULES! ahem. As such, I present the rules:


Here's how you can play the interview game:
1. Leave me a comment which says "interview me" (or something similar). The first five commenters will be the participants.

2. I will follow up this (awe inspiring) post with the questions for those who would participate, 5 queries per participant (all customized!).

3. Participants will update their respective blog/site with the answers to the aformentioned questions.

4. In addition, participants will include this set of rules and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, participants will ask them five questions. (Write your own questions or borrow some.)

See? Never ending. What follows are the posers which Diana had for me (and my subsequent answers...Hurrh):
1. What was your first day on the job as a DJ like?
Initially, I started as a board operator at KSPZ. My sister got me the job (she was the 6 to midnight host on KSPZ at the time). After a while, due to a shift in thinking by the consultant, all of us "no talky" board operators became "live DJs" because we were there and we worked cheap. I was totally psyched about "going live", because I figured that being a DJ was my true calling. I remember being nervous before and during my first shift on the air as a real, honest-to-God disc jockey, but I remember feeling afterward that I had done a pretty good job. Later, though, when I listened to my "air check" from the show (an air check is a tape which is scoped to just include the open mic breaks) I was pretty well crushed. It was the worst pile of stinking crap I had ever heard. Suffice to say, I didn't give up and I've gotten slightly better since then...

2. How did you meet Heather?
A friend of my sister's had passes to a sneak preview of Mighty Ducks 2. As such, my friend Ryan and I went with him. Early on, while the movie was playing, the film broke. During the ensuing span of time while that whole "broken film" problem was being remedied, we began talking to the girls in the seats in front of us, who turned out to be Heather, her twin sister Shannon and their friend "whatsername." We found out that they were all 16 and were freshmen at Sierra high school. They found out that I was, among other things, on the radio. After too long, Heather and Shannon (and their mom) started bringing me food at the radio station on a regular basis. They came to be known as my "groupies." We kept in contact after Heather went to college and, eventually, got all "married." The end.

3. When did you learn to play hockey?
in 1996, after the Avalanche won their first Stanley Cup. I had always wanted to be a goalie and, since I was an adult (mostly) and could (kind of) afford to buy the gear, I decided that it was high time to learn to skate and play goal and stuff, starting with inline hockey. It was rough at first, I wasn't any good at all, but I stuck with it because it was fun and good exercise. I broke a few ribs the first time I played ice hockey, but even that wasn't enough to deter me. I love hockey...I'm gonna try and make up for the fact that I started playing it later in life by playing until I'm 60. Wish me luck.

4. When you think back about you, me, the gang back in high school, can you tell any good stories from back in the day, since you're a good story teller and all?
To tell the truth, I have no recollection of a "gang" from high school, but I can, perhaps, impart a tale or two about you. Sadly, you were (and are) too intelligent to do anything "stupid" or "goofy," so nothing terribly funny sticks out in my mind. I do recall that the first time that I went to the Renaissance Festival was with you and your mom and dad. At the fair, we were lucky enough to be in the front row for the Puke & Snot show, which didn't seem lucky at all when they started their little "spitting chewed-up carrots and water at the audience" routine. Still, despite the regurgitation in my hair, the whole day was a lot of fun.

5. What is the best prank you ever played on someone? Would your victim(s) agree it was good or do they talk to you anymore?
Hee hee heeeee...The absolute best prank that I ever pulled was an April Fools prank call which I perpetrated a couple of years ago. For the prank, I called up Cameron, who worked with us at the agency. He's from Canada and, at one point prior to my making the call, he had gone back to Canada and, while trying to come back to the states, was delayed 4 or 5 days because of mixups with his Visa. I claimed, through my best French-Canadian accent, to be Pierre Desjardin, from the ministry in Ottawa. I told Cam that there were problems still with his Visa paperwork and that he'd have to come back to Canada and clear up the matter immediately. He laughed, so I asked him, in a stern tone, "you are not taking this matter seriously?"

at that point, he stammered and said, like a good little monkey, "I'm sorry, sir." I knew then that I SO HAD HIM!..

I strung him along for a while, saying that he was to fly out of Denver at a time which he couldn't possibly make. I also told him that if he refused to comply, local authorities would apprehend him and transport him to Canada. Cameron was getting more and more (genuinely) frustrated and was not happy about the whole (fake) situation, which was thoroughly understandable, since my (fake) demands were (intentionally) unreasonable. Finally, I got to a point in the call where I "confirmed the date" with him (April 1st) and then asked him "what holiday IS that in America?" That let him know that he was off the hook...

he was relieved to find out that it was all a joke, and he actually thought that the whole thing was awesome. He kept saying "you got me! You got me!" The prank didn't make him hate me, in fact we talked last week when he visited the agency. My only regret is that I was unable to record the whole thing, because typing about it just doesn't do it justice...


So there's that. Anyone that wishes to be interviewed, leave a comment to that effect...Have a good weekend, kids!

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