Monday, March 21, 2005

Ads For Places You Can't Even Visit... 

Like most of the other "fake ads" which I have displayed on my blog, this one kind of just "happened." Some of the components already existed, considering that I had drawn "hot dog man" a long while ago. In fact, he's proudly featured on the backplate of my goalie mask. The whole "Big-Ass Hotdog" idea kind of stemmed from a billboard which I saw while driving up the east coast a couple of years ago, advertising an eatery called "Sooper-Dooper Weiner." To say the least, I got a good chuckle out of that and it stuck with me.

Today, because I was building an ad (like I am normally doing at work), I was hunting through our photo library for "lifestyle photos." Among said photos was an image of a female cramming a hot dog into her piehole. I knew immediately that I MUST create something with that photo. An advertisement for "Big-Ass Hotdog" seemed like the thing to do. So here it is, kids...It kind of speaks for itself:
Hell Yeah, People!
You can click on it. When you do, It'll GROW so you can read it better...

Yay! Yet another fake ad featuring an equally fake establishment. I'll have corresponding t-shirts up on the store soon enough and maybe even be posting a fake radio advertisement for the Big-Ass Hotdog grand opening. The possibilities, as they say, never really end...

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