Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ask A Silly Question... 

AND...Time. Please place your pencils on your desks and stop working. I'll collect the quizzes now and...HEY! I SAID STOP WORKING!..Thank you. As I was saying, I'll now collect the quizzes and begin grading them. Thanks to those of you who participated. For those of you who decided to "skip school," as it were, I guess we'll just see you again next year...ON WITH THE ANSWERS!

1. Collin served in WHAT capacity in the entertainment industry?
OK, kind of a trick question. So much so, in fact, that even Collin didn't know...heh...The correct answer is that Collin worked in a movie theatre prior to going into the Air Force. You can read about some of his hijinks here.

2. Collin has lived in a foreign country (and didn't enjoy the food). Which one was it?
England. He tells me that the food is quite bland.

3. Collin served in WHAT branch of the armed forces?
Collin served in the Air Force, coincidentally during the first Gulf War. In fact, this is the reason he lived in that aforementioned "foreign country." He was stationed at RAF Upper Heyford.

4. At which place of business was I Collin's iron-fisted supervisor?
This would be the Gazette. I was also Collin's arch nemesis during the great rubberband war...You can read about what REALLY happened during the skirmishes right here.

5. Collin has spawned! How many times and what are the names which correspond to his progeny?
2, one girl (Jordyn) and one boy (Justin).

6. Collin has SIBLINGS! How many?
Now, I didn't know this answer for sure, so I went straight to the source. According to Collin, He grew up as an only child. He also has 7 total siblings. You do the math.

7. Collin plays no sports. His brother, however, plays WHICH SPORT in common with me?
Hockey, yes. Trevor, like me, is a goalie. In fact, for extra credit, you can read Collin's account of the first time that we played against each other here.

8. True or False: Collin's mom has threatened me in the past.
This is true, in fact Jack had it nearly dead on in his answer. Collin, at one time, had a strange lump on his neck and I, being a smartass, said "don't worry, it's malignant." Collin's mom caught wind of my comment and, via Collin, let me know that if it turned out to be a tumor, she would kill me. Still not sure why. Oh, yeah, it was...um...nothing, I think. I'm still alive.

9. What floor is Collin's apartment on?
Ground floor, kids. Ground floor.

10. Collin was a deviant delinquent child. What crime did he perpetrate when he was very young?
When Collin was younger, he and an accomplice let the air out of people's tires and, when they were spotted, ran from the cops. You can read his full confession right here.

So that's it! Heather looks like the big winner with 8 out of 10. That tells you how enigmatic Collin really is, his own girlfriend can't muster more than 80% on a quiz about him. "Close, but no cigar," goes to my wife AND Jenn who tied with 7 of 10, Andy K got an impressive 6 of 10 correct, El Sid did admirably considering the circumstances and got 3 correct. Jack, proving that even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then, got 1 of 10 right by just being a "smartass." Still, most creative answers award (if there were such a thing) would go his way. Fine work, thanks for playing, kids!

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