Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Happy Birthday, Foot!.. 

Today is my sister's birthday. She'll be...(doing math)...34 years old young this afternoon. You will all stop by her site and wish her a happy birthday! (Yes, whether you are inclined to do so or not. This is because it's a nice thing to do. You all want to be NICE, right?..I thought so.)

Quick birthday trivia: When Heather and I were kids, for some reason, we were made to wait until the hour of our birth to celebrate and to open our birthday presents. An odd custom, to be sure, especially since I was born at 4:45 am and she was born...oh, around 4 in the afternoon. Whereas I could no more than roll out of bed and have my birthday, Foot had to wait all of those agonizing "awake hours" until it was officially time for presents and cake and crap...Heh...

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