Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Housekeeping and Maintenance... 

I've modified a few things on the sidebar as of today. The first is that I have removed the "laundry list" style audio post archive and changed things so that now, if you click on the "Audio Link Archive" image, it takes you to cheese audio which, as suggested by Collin, is a separate blogsite that contains only the audio entries that I have created. I know, not highly spectacular, but I did it and I am sharing it with you. Remember, sharing is caring. I care...Kinda.

Also, I have added the Hershey Bears logo to my sidebar in accordance with the terms of the big Rocket Jones Hockey Whoopass Jamboree. In lieu of NHL hockey, we're using AHL teams for the basis of the impending smack talk. I chose Hershey because they happen to be the AAA farm club for the Avalanche. Viva Bears.

I'm currently working on a post that should encompass all things supernatural. You will like it when it's done. You will like it because my natural charisma commands it. I can't yet say when it'll actually BE done, but that's not really a problem since my charisma distracts you so.


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