Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Competition Fuels The Soul. Or Something Like That... 

Ever done something regularly and then simply gone AWOL? Yeah, that would be me, in regards to the ultra-cool story contest thing that regularly happens at Collin's forum. This time, though, for round 12, I am back in the fold and WILL participate. I can say this with confidence because I ALREADY HAVE MY STORY WRITTEN! It flowed out earlier and, I have to say, I'm satisfied with it. Satisfied enough to post it, at least. I am waiting, however, because I don't feel like being the first to post. Why? Maybe because I'm insane. Either way, you should all follow my lead and write stories! You should then post said stories at the forum! Go! Do it!

I hear that people will love you more if you post a story. You want to be loved more, right? RIGHT!? Yeah, thought so. PARTICIPATE IN THE STORY CONTEST!

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