Friday, September 17, 2004

Audio Content (Factory Direct To You!)... 

The last couple of days, the DSL connection at work has been down. It's painfully sad, that when there is no access to the internet or to email, how helpless we all become. Most of our communications, personal and professional, happen via email. We also email and FTP files to newspapers and clients and this has allowed us to work RIGHT UP TO DEADLINE...Without the luxury of a connection, though, we're thrown into the dark ages, so to speak. It's very strange. Anyhoo, our connection is back (whew) and so I get to share with you an audio entry that I hastily constructed as an inaugural project with some new audio editing software that I downloaded. First, some background:

Johnny, who I work with at the radio station, was telling me that I needed to record and produce a spoof spot called "Al Qaida Ford." This suggestion stuck around in the back of my mind, not really causing me any great inspirational flashes until a couple days ago when I needed to write SOMETHING just to give some of the filters and things in this new program a test drive. As such, Al Qaida Ford is not my finest work. It is, however, an audio entry and I will share it with you now.

click here for the sounds, baby!

I also recut the "Wingity Ding Dong" spot that I did a while back. For the re-do, I left it in an uncensored state (all 200 or so curse words audible) and will probably share that with you soon. The quality of the production is markedly better...Anyway, it's great to be back online. HOW I'VE MISSED IT SO! I can actually pay some bills...Whoo!

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