Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Sharing Is Caring, Dammit!.. 

It's a pretty busy day here at work (no Collin all week will do that). As such, I don't have time to polish up some of the entries I've been working on, but I DID want to share a couple things...

The first bit of sharing is that all of my equipment (the stuff that got wet after that wedding on Saturday) is fine. All of the speakers (even the "sloshy" one) tested good and are fully operational. The only real problem I encountered is that my main carpeted equipment rack got wet which caused the glue that holds the carpet down to seep through. This created a nasty, sticky mess. I aired the rack out, though, and mopped the floor. All now seems to be well. In addition, I took an extra safety step and picked up a cheap plastic tub that should protect the spare stuff from the rain better than my old Converse gym bag did. I'm also going to start carrying 45 gallon trashbags with me to gigs so that, if it looks like it may rain, I can place these bags over the racks and stuff BEFORE I load them in the truck so they stay dry regardless of how stupid I am regarding my tarp placement.

You're probably wondering "why the Hell is he telling me all of this?" The answer is simple..."Because."

The second thing I want to share is this preliminary illustration that will be part of a larger shirt design called "Dead Money." If you're not aware what the term "dead money" means in poker, it refers to a player at a poker table who has little chance of winning. If you were unaware that "dead money" was even a poker term, you should come to one of our poker nights. We'd love to have you...Anyhoo, the King of Spades looks like this:

So there's that. I've gotta get back to work, so you all have a fine day.

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