Friday, August 06, 2004

Name THAT Tune, ya Bastard!.. 

Welcome to a wonderfully windy Friday here in the (not so big) city. Again, lots of actual work to do here at "actual work", so no time for a real in-depth post. I didn't want you folks to feel neglected, though. Hence, these few words strung together into sentences. (I'm so gosh darn clever!)

The last few days we've had some intense thunderstorms hit us in the afternoon and today looks like it probably won't be any different. The PROBLEM with this is, even though I love thunderstorms, it's rather challenging to try and play softball while it's all lightning and raining and such. The people at the fields just won't let you do it. We were SUPPOSED to have played softball on Wednesday which, in and of itself, was a makeup game for a PREVIOUS rainout. Holy crapola, though, Wednesday's game got rained out...(typical). In fact, all of our remaining softball games (3 weeks worth) are all rainout makeup games. If THEY get rained out, I'm not real sure what the Park and rec department will do. I'm pretty sure that the games HAVE to be played, we've paid our money and I'm sure that they've spent it. We're already cutting into the Fall season with all of the makeup games. The weather this season has been uncooperative to say the least...All the rain IS good for my lawn, though. Now I just need to find an opportunity to mow it.

Diana had a link on her site today to a clever little thing called the "Kevin Bacon Oracle" which you can use to determine the degrees of separation between actors and actresses and such. For instance, did you know that there are only 3 freakin' degrees of separation between character actor Don Costello (who appeared as Diamondback Vogel in the detective classic "Another Thin Man" with William Powell and Myrna Loy in 1939) and Bob Barker? One of the links in that equation is actually Hugh Beaumont...You know, Beaver's dad? It's all real neat...You should try it. Be warned, though, you'll end up losing a lot of time out of your day if you're not careful...I wasted almost my whole lunch hour on it...Damn computer science folk...

All day, I've had "O, Death" by Ralph Stanley stuck in my head. It's a great song, but there's no music in it, only vocals. What this means is I'm sitting at my desk, trying to work, while moaning things like "I'll fix your feet so you can't walk I'LL LOCK YOUR JAW 'TIL YOU CAN'T TALK...." Garners some weird looks, weirder than I'm used to getting, believe me...

Well, I'd better get back to that whole "workin'" thing. Hope you all have a good weekend!

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