Wednesday, August 04, 2004

M.C. Hijab in the Hizzouse!.. 

There are times where, if you're paying attention, things with potential to be content will just fall right in your lap. During a week like this, where time is short and ideas are thin, situations like those make me a very happy little blogger. Allow me to elaborate...

Diana, with whom I attended high school, maintains a blog which is among my regular reads. Yesterday, she posted a "self-portrait" style photo, one of those "I'm taking a picture of myself" pictures wherein there's not enough time to smile between the figuring out how to work the camera backwards, making sure you're holding it out far enough, etc...Her picture turned out looking like this:

Note the serious look and the bent posture...When I saw it, I felt that it SCREAMED "rap artist." Perhaps I'm just a nutcase, and I'm aware that I am a complete and total "cracker," but I envisioned it as the perfect photo to integrate into a rap album style CD cover, replete with "bling-bling" and some cold hard cash...After a little thought, some image searches and a wee bit of Photoshop work, I came up with this:
Click on the following image if you'd like to see it larger (which you know you do)...
MC Hijab in the HOUSE!
Before you go crying "foul," I received Diana's approval prior to posting this. I was actually afraid that the cover COULD HAVE BEEN "offensive" in some way. (I know, imagine me worrying about being "offensive".) Anyhoo, if any of you out there have any "hardcore ghetto gangsta" pictures of yourself and YOU TOO wish to be made into a full fledged "M.C. with Street Cred," Send 'em my way., we'll see what we can do...

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