Thursday, August 05, 2004

"By The Way, 'Tubby,' You Amuse Me..." 

It's another mostly busy day here at work. Collin IS back, but the work is still steady and THAT (the thing about the work) means that you people won't be getting much in the way of substance out of me today...What I HAVE done for you all, however, is to update some links on the sidebar (that thing to the left there...THE LEFT! DAMMIT...ok, good)...I added some new blogs and I also added a couple websites that I've done satisfactory business with lately. If you'll be on the market for karaoke or gambling paraphernalia soon (you know you will) well, then, you'll know where to be doing the clicking...

Sadly, I must report there was one ol' blog that I've had linked for a while that simply "didn't make it." Yes, kids, I know it's hard to understand, but I HAD to drop it off my wee sidebar because I simply stopped believing that it was worth the time to read. The others, though, MADE THE CUT and should feel at least SLIGHTLY SPECIAL that they've been recognized as "worth my time," whatever good that is...So...Um...That's it then. I guess, since you stopped by, I could give you one more little drawing, just for the heck of it. Lemme see...um...OK! Here...

Yee-ha, mofos...Yee-ha indeed.

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