Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Quarter-Butt Komik #1...I'm leaving Town! 

Welcome back, folks. Once again, "Really Really Big Time Summer Homage Week (June/July) 2004 (now with Two Scoops of Homage)" continues today with what SHOULD be an obvious "tip of the hat" to one of our favorite bloggers. Well, he WAS a favorite until he started having a life and stopped posting. I know he's around, I can SEE him...He's right over there! (pointing)...Anyway, here we go!

if you would like to get a larger look at this (and, potentially, actually READ it) click here.

This was fun to try and do. I'm still contemplating who my next vict...er...honoree shall be for "Homage Week"...Check back again tomorrow to see who gets the "treatment" as it were...

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