Wednesday, June 23, 2004


So, back when I worked at the The Gazette, after a while, I was made the Manager of the Advertising Art Department night shift. This meant that I was to be there from (roughly) 4 in the afternoon until whenever (sometimes like 9am the next day, WHICH SUCKED), working and supervising, supervising and working...During this time, I also caught on with a (now defunct) professional hockey team here in town called The Colorado Gold Kings. I served as their public address announcer (AND NOW FANS...YOUR COLORADOOOOOOOOOO GOLLLLLLLD KIIIIINNNGGGS!) which was something that I had wanted to do for years. Well, not necessarily for THEM so much as I had wanted to be a sports P.A. announcer since I was a kid. It was my dream come true! I'll go into the details as to how I ended up doing it and places it took me in a later entry...This particular entry is about something entirely different...

This entry is about being "busted."

So, like I said, I worked at The Gazette. My supervisor was a very intimidating female named Liz Cobb. Liz ALWAYS got what she wanted...She also didn't care whom she pissed off or trampled in the process. Getting in Liz's way was not a good idea. Liz struck me as the kind of person who would just as soon fire you as look at you. Very coarse, very demanding. Luckily, I had managed to stay on her good side for the most part. Heck, she's the one who had promoted me to manager...Liz and I had very little in common with one exception. Liz was a hockey fan.

Liz liked the Gold Kings, in fact she and her kids would go and watch the Gold Kings play at the World Arena from time to time. The Gold Kings most often played their games at night, like most professional hockey teams. Remember, now, I was supposed to be at WORK AT THE GAZETTE at night, supervising my "people" and banging out quality advertising for the masses. When I took the job of P.A. announcer, initially, I was sharing duties with one other announcer. I never told Liz about it because I was afraid she wouldn't let me do it. Hey, it wasn't like I was going to be gone EVERY night. On game nights, I would simply take a 3 or 4 hour "lunch," come back to the Gazette after the game was over and work 'til whenever. My plan was solid! No one was the wiser!

Except for one little game that I wasn't even supposed to be working at...One game that numbnuts Jeff was sick and couldn't work...One game I had to announce that ol' Liz happened to be at...

The day after this particular game, Liz called me into her office when I arrived at work. Liz then shut the door behind me (I don't know how it is where YOU work, but when your boss closes the door behind you, it ain't good). Anyway, Liz started out by telling me "you know, Derek, you have a very distinct voice." I smiled, wanting to say 'thank you' for the compliment, but I knew that Liz didn't offer those. Ever. My smile quickly faded, I knew SOMETHING was wrong. Liz went on to tell me that she had been at the game the night before and that she was pissed. She now knew that I was working at the Arena on Gazette time, yadda yadda...I was SOOOOO busted...Nothing to say! I was totally frickin' nailed...Somehow, I kept my job...Actually, I kept BOTH of 'em.

Ha HA, Liz! (please don't come find me and hit me...)

Where's this story going? Oh, Nowhere...Except for the fact that I had lunch with Collin today at Q'Doba. During the meal, he casually mentioned that he'd been trying to find a clever way to let me know that I was, again, "busted"...

Long story short, Collin now knows about Fizzle and Poop...And he's not mad (at least, not anymore.)

Ah, well, it was fun while it lasted...

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