Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Just things and stuff... 

I just opened my web browser to perform a Google image search for "Magnifying Glass" and was greeted with a skull and crossbones image accompanied by text that read "Calculate your lifeline with our fun quiz" or some such crap...I'll admit, I approve of the use of the "image of death" in conjunction with such a quiz. It's like saying "You're HOW old already? ooh...hmm..."

Well, so anyway, I clicked through to this stupid quiz and, after I answered all of it's little queries, it said that I would live to the ripe old age of 81. 81!? Oh, I think not, little quiz machine...

Obviously, there's been a mistake somewhere...Why, just yesterday I decided that I had another 70 years in me. Do the math, carry the 1 and you'll find that I plan, much like George Burns, to live to be 100 years of age AT THE VERY LEAST! This means that I now have to pull 19 good years out of SOMEWHERE just to stick it to whomever came up with the formula for this stupid quiz...Wish me luck.

I fixed a couple links in the sidebar (to the left) and added a couple more...I'm finding blogs that I like to read just about every week now...Of course, the Lost Blogs' Home helps with that, what with his penchant for reviewing blogs and such. I never did thank the Ranger publicly for reviewing NOT ONLY my little blog (this one), but for the kind words he had for my Sister's blog and Collin's blog...Hey, thanks!

I have a couple audio entries in the works, so I'm hoping that this whole "not being funny" thing will end relatively soon...For now, though, I've got a magnifying glass to create and also I must draw a cartoon of someone riding a Michelin down a water slide...

I love my job...(picture me hugging my job.)

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