Monday, April 19, 2004

Sharks, Skulls, Hot Dogs and Metallic Paint... 

just a couple days ago, I lamented the fact that sharks don't have terribly defined skeletons like us wily humans do. I know this declaration was just a wee bit obtuse, but it WAS for a specific reason. As you may know, I sent my goalie helmet off to Sweden to be painted by a professional artist. The helmet is finally done, which makes me quite happy. The artist that painted the helmet liked my drawings that I supplied for the helmet design so much, that he wanted ME to do a custom drawing for HIM...The exact wording of his broken-English email to me is as follows...
From: www.daveart.com
To: dknight818@aol.com
Sent: Thursday, April 08, 2004 6:20 PM
Subject: Going great

Hello Derek!

We are now working with your mask and it´s going great!

As you know, I love your drawings, tell me more about what you work with!
Are you interested in a deal? I love the scull with the bones crossed and the flag, can you do a version of that for me, and I give you DAVEART MasgBag for free for you new mask? Do a drawing in that same cool style, but exchange the human scull to a shark scull, maybe only the scull, or the sceleton of a whole shark. The scull of the shark should be from the front, just as the pics of the Bruce shark in the Finding Nemo movie, something like that... It would be a great and cool DAVEART pic that I could use on the site and so on.

Let me know

Best Regards/Bästa Hälsningar
DAVEART AB EuropeStudio

I was completely flattered that someone of his ability would request that I do a custom job for him...I immediately said I'd do it, despite the lack of actual skeletal structure that is inherent in REAL sharks. Of course, I was dealing with a cartoon shark (lucky me). My version of a shark skeleton turned out like this:

The fact that I'm getting a mask bag for this drawing makes me happy. The fact that Dave liked my drawings makes me happy. THE FACT THAT MY MASK IS FINALLY DONE MAKES ME TOTALLY GODDAMN ECSTATIC...In fact, I had a dream this morning where the mask gets shipped to me at work and I start laughing like a loon while dancing around, holding the mask tight to my chest. As much as I'd like to avoid looking like an idiot, this is probably how the real thing will unfold. I'll post pictures of the finished product when it comes in.

I'm so frickin' excited...(I just can't hide it.)

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