Thursday, April 29, 2004

Reapers on Parade... 

And it is now time to unveil the images of my new mask. To illustrate how well Dave did recreating my stuff, I'm going to display each side, first showing my mockup and then the finished product...

And away we go...

This is my mockup of the backplate of the mask

and here's what Dave did (note the missing nickname on the final product):

Here's my mockup of the front view:

And the final product, scythes and all:

My mockup of the right side of the mask:

David's excellent interpretation of my reaper...He took the most artistic license with this one, but he definitely helped it to stand out beautifully:

Aaaaaand the left side (my mockup):

Dave's work...This, to me, truly is a triumph. The Grim Thresher! Whoo! It's extremely hard for someone who already has an artistic or cartooning "style" to completely and faithfully recreate someone else's drawings without even somewhat losing the original flair. I'm SO PLEASED with this, it's unreal:

So there's that. I should get a chance to use it in an actual game coming up real soon. Oh, I almost forgot...I won a CD from a band called The Darkness from Daveart...Ray let me listen to their stuff. It was...weird. So, if you like the band The Darkness, let me know. You may win their CD from me. I don't think I'm gonna need it...

Oh yeah, and he sent the free maskbag. He must've liked the shark I did, he never said. I also sent an email to Dave's North American rep today with my feedback about the mask in which I asked why "Swedish Sieve" was left off. If there's any response, and it's worth sharing, I'll post it.

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