Wednesday, April 14, 2004

More with the Audio and the Voices and the Oy! 

A year or so ago, one of our clients in the Seattle area purchased advertising space in the Pink Pages which is a business directory aimed solely at Lesbians and/or gays. We designed an ad for this publication and sent it off. We were later told by a Pink Pages representative that our ad simply wasn't "gay enough." I'm NOT kidding about this. The representative said, and I QUOTE, "I'm a little gay boy and this ad just doesn't make me want to buy a car. No little gay boys are going to buy a car from this ad." This arrogantly homosexual individual took it upon himself to redesign the ad so as to make it "thoroughly gay" or whatever. I was really confused after seeing his design, since it looked a Hell of a lot like our design, but whatever.

Here recently, a client of ours a little closer to home (in Denver) began advertising in a similar publication. We received a copy of said lesbian and/or gay newspapery thingy and, seeing as I apparently had some learnin' to do as to what ads were really very gay and what ads were not, I perused this paper. What really struck me was how arrogant and/or defensive most of it seemed. Additionaly, I couldn't read more than two or three lines without running into some sort of sexual innuendo. Either way, I was now edugayded and could (hopefully) manufacture advertising for straight OR gay individuals. With that thought in mind, I present (with pride, no less) my commercial for the "Oh Gay Corral..."

click here for the sounds, baby!

This was actually inspired by someone, who shall remain nameless due to their status in the community, who routinely makes fun of the TV commercial for the Daniels Chevyland "OK Corral..." So there you go.

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