Monday, April 12, 2004

Krauty, Juicy Goodness... 

OK, so yeah. Look at that picture there...No, I mean REALLY look at it...You know what that is? Huh? IT'S CABBAGE SQUEEZIN'S, FOR GOD'S SAKE! Who would USE that kind of crap? The mere concept simply horrifies me...(shudder)


Our good friend Frank, who works here at the agency, had one of his friends send him that can of krauty, juicy goodness via UPS pretty much because it says "Frank" and "Kraut" and, yeah...Frank's a Kraut. As you are likely already aware, I was instantly terrified by the concept of "kraut juice" upon seeing the can and, since I'm an open-minded guy with no work really to do, I turned my irrational fear into an audio entry. Just as a point of interest, Frank (yeah, like...THE Frank) guest stars in this entry...About liquid horror...And stuff...

click here for the sounds, baby!
Ya! Der Juicen MP3 mit der thumben uppen!..

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