Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Big Time Audio "Two for Tuesday" (only a day late) 

Holy crapoli, two audio entries in two days? Hells yeah, I'm throwin' audio entries around like so much poo in a monkey house MOSTLY because I've got about 10 stupid damn stories in the works For which I've devised no 'exit strategy' as it were.

Right...I know...That usually doesn't stop me...Shut up...

Anyways, this particular audio entry you're reading about was born of the fact that I've seen enough commercials on TV and heard enough on radio for that damn "EHarmony.com" (which, of course, is a dating service that matches you up with compatibility profiles, blah blah blah). Since I'm tired of coming up with words to type, and since it don't take no rocket scientist to see where I'm going with this, welcome to echaos.com:
click here for the sounds, baby!

Just as a point of interest, Collin, Kathy (one of the ValuHo voices) and 'ToMo the MoFo' assisted me by "guest starring" in this lame-ass entry. I'd thank them, but that would just inflate their egos and GOD KNOWS we can't have people around here with inflated egos...Someone might sue for harrassment...

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