Thursday, March 11, 2004

More With The Audio Content (because we like you). 

Admittedly, this here audio thingy will be nothing new to the bulk of my 'fanbase' (by that, of course, I mean the three people in the room with me) but it IS an entry and it IS worth sharing with the masses (that's you) when the masses ever get around to finding this site....What it is, is "Eschenbach Ford," a spoof commercial I made before I even had the inkling to create this blog that was born of twofold inspiration:
1. In doing it, I got to make fun of Joel Eschenbach AND feature him in the spot at the same time and
2. I got to do a spoof ad that sounded like a car ad, but that was a little more honest about how badly car dealers want to screw you over. And they do...They're like crack addicts except for how the "crack" in this scenario is your money and your emotional pain. Anyhow, here that is:

click here for the sounds, baby!.

Hope you enjoy! More and newer content is in the works (as they say). Of course, I usually don't care what THEY say...Still, it's as they say...Thanks for stopping by...

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