Friday, March 05, 2004

Auditory Diversions and Stuff... 

More with the audio content and big time fun! Well, fun for me at least. The following is kind of the culmination of a conversation I had roughly 9 years ago with John, whom I work with at the radio station. The station was giving away a very old Ford at the time. The car was actually NOT in great shape, and Johnny made fun of it a lot. He mentioned that it looked like it came from "La Raza Ford." He then said something about backlot, ballpeen hammer and hail sale.

This stuck with me until this last week when I finally sat down, wrote out and recorded the damn thing. I now present the official La Raza Ford commercial.

click here for the sounds, baby!

if it's offensive to you, I guess I'm sorry. I didn't mean it to be offensive, just funny. How fine IS that line between crude and funny anyway?...

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