Friday, November 16, 2007

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday - Our Nation's Capital, Part Two... 

So hey, kids! How are you even doing even? Indeed, it's Friday once again and, since I find myself up at 1:43 in the A.M. following a 10:00pm hockey game...Um...Yeah, here's a Phrickin' Photoblog to sate that whole lookin'-at-pictures jones that has hold of you and just won't let go...Today's photo display is yet more of the hundreds of pictures which I captured on the trip to Lancaster/Washington D.C. way back in frickin' August. Yes, I KNOW that it's November now, thanks for the heads-up Assisty McHelpenstein, but like I said, I have literally HUNDREDS of these to get through 8 or 9 at a time. Here today are some of the sights one could see in Washington D.C. if one were to be driven around by Sergeant Hoeppel, the best free D.C. tour guide I know. So yeah, enough with the typey-typey, here comes the lookie-lookie!..
Clicky on the pics and they'll get all big so that your old, dried-out eyes can handle the whole staring part
it's a duh-duh-delorean!
We passed this guy on the Beltway going into D.C. and I just hadn't found a way to sneak him in to this point. Initially, when I saw this Delorean and subsequently snapped a picture, I was way impressed, thinking that the guy driving (who's giving off a way creepy smarm-vibe, dontcha think?) had either lovingly restored the car or just flat-out kept it in great shape since like...1986. I later found out, though, that there's a company in Houston that bought up all the factory parts when DMC went bust and is still turning out brand-new Deloreans today using 20-year-old yet never-before-used parts. So yeah, the guy likely didn't do anything more special than write a nice, fat check. Bastard. Anyhow, yes, since you're thinking it anyway, he hit 88 miles an hour and blew the fuck up. Biggest ball of flame you've ever seen, nothing left but flaming tire tracks. It was SWEET!..

the capitol building of the united states of america
So here we have the Capitol building in Washington D.C. Indeed, it appears as if there is some work being done on the building and NO, that's not a storm rolling in at the top there...I took this picture through Sgt. Hoeppel's windshield. It's the tint strip thing. So yeah, Capitol Building...

the washington monument
And here is the Washington Monument in all of it's spikey, monumenty glory. Isn't it cool that our country was founded by a bunch of Masons as opposed to, oh, I don't know, fuckers who built like mud-and-stick huts? We have such cooler monuments and things because of it. The Washington Monument might lose a bit of it's majesty and charm if it were hastily constructed with pitch and tree limbs...

the National Cathedral-Washington, D.C.
And here is an interesting philosophical dichotomy...It's the National Cathedral, an imposing and impressively beautiful structure. Anyone else find it odd that there's a national cathedral despite a separation of church and state? Someone smarter than me when it comes to government wish to explain this to me and my walnut-sized brain? As a side note, though, isn't it awesome?

Justice is best served with a side of greens and some cornbread. No, really, ask anyone.
And here's the supreme court. They say justice is blind but I say that justice is best served warm with a side of greens and some nice cornbread. Maybe a cold drink and some pie for dessert. Yeah, like lemon pie. I like lemon pie. But not with meringue, 'cause that's like a total fucking rip-off. You're all ready for a mouthful of what you thought was whippy, creamy goodness and you get styrofoam. Ick. Fuck off, Meringue. I mean it. Anyway, where was I?..

Robert E. Lee's backyard, AKA Arlington National Cemetery
Oh yes, touring Washington D.C. Here we find ourselves in Robert E. Lee's backyard, aka Arlington National Cemetery. You'll have to take it upon yourself to look up the history and stuff, it's pushing 2:00 am and I'm tired. So...Tired...

the Iwo Jima Marine Memorial
And not far from Arlington National Cemetery is the Iwo Jima Marine Memorial. This thing was both imposing and impressive, an awesome structure which really forced you to pause and act reverent. I really liked seeing this up close.

holy shit, pigeon!
Holy shit, pigeon! Indeed, when you're wandering around Washington D.C. in the summertime, as we were, you end up seeing a good number of pigeons. these pigeons, as you would expect, aren't terribly afraid of people and will wander fairly close to you (as you can see from the above snapshot). The whole time I was staring at this pigeon, I felt compelled to try the Penn and Teller "grab a pigeon" trick which, of course, is not so much a trick as it is just being lightning fast and grabbing a pigeon. I didn't do it because I had neither gloves, nor sanitary wipes, but I shall stock up and be prepared to grab me a pigeon the next time I'm there. And yeah, if you're wondering what the Hell I'm talking about, find the movie "Penn and Teller Get Killed" and watch it.

So there you kids go, a quick tour of Washington D.C. in photographs. As always, thanks for stopping by...You kids have a fine Weekend now...

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