Friday, August 03, 2007

Vaunted Videoblog Vriday - JUSTIN! AT FREAK TRAIN!.. 

You know something, when I gots me the free, high-speed internets in my hotel, not even being on a vacation can stop me from posting, especially since I have something so darn cool to share with you kids today. Indeed, I know that I still have Royal Gorge pictures but those things'll just have to wait for another Friday 'cause this past Monday, as you may already know, Justin Carmical finally went to Freak Train and did his little standup act and, since I brought my video camera, you get to see it right the Hell now:

Of course, I also did a little something at Freak Train...Yeah, i was gonna do some goofy card tricks...As I was backstage preparing my props, the act before me declared that she had cancer and shaved her head on stage. Nary a dry eye in the house and, yeah...I had to follow it...Anyway, here's how all of THAT went:

So there you go, kids...As always, thanks for stopping by...You have yourselves a collectively fine weekend...

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