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Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday - Amish Country!.. 

Hey, wow. Damn. Where DOES the time go? Seriously, I had grand plans of posting a detailed recap of our most recent vacation (this time to Amish Country in Pennsylvania and then to Washington D.C.) but...Well...Look, it just hasn't happened yet. Luckily, though, I can post the following pictures (from the early portion of said vacation) and recap that part of the vacation kind of at the same time. Cop out? Maybe. Lazy? Damn right. Regardless, here come them pictures!
you know!

the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, PA
The reason that we chose to visit Lancaster, PA specifically was to see my buddy Andy. Little did I know, though, that Lancaster is relatively close to a lot of great things, Harrisburg, PA and the National Civil War Museum for example. Here you see the (impressive) exterior of the building which sits atop a beautifully landscaped hill overlooking pretty much the whole valley. They don't allow photography inside the exhibit which is a damn shame but probably for the best as I would've had hundreds more pictures to sift through had that not been the case...

a moment of mercy
This statue, entitled "Moment of Mercy," stands in the courtyard out front of the Museum. It depicts this event from December, 1862.

Colorado wasn't even a state yet during the Civil War
All around the museum were walking paths and places to sit and trees and such. Embedded in the walking paths are items such as this, denoting the veterans and casualties from the individual states and territories. As part of what I can only assume is an ongoing project, some of the areas around the state markers are filled with marker bricks of individual casualties. In this case, you're looking at the Nevada, Colorado and Nebraska territory marker...Remember, my home state (Colorado) didn't even become a state until 11 years AFTER the Civil War ended. Those casualties listed there for the Colorado Territory fought bravely and lost their life during the battle of Glorietta Pass in New Mexico in March of 1862. It was the only active conflict which Colorado forces participated in during the Civil War.

Don't look, Jedidiah. They're using tools of the Devil to steal our souls.
And now we find ourselves in historic Strasburg, PA. Look at them Amish folk go! Indeed, they still selectively shun modern conveniences but, as you can see by the painfully curious look on that wee amlet's face, they probably won't be able to hold back the flood of digital cameras, iPhones and Xbox 360s for very long...

Elizabeth Myers' grave marker. DISREPAIR! Wait, no...I guess it would be in REPAIR...Anyway, whatever.
Here's one of the graveyards in Strasburg. In this case, it's a churchyard cemetery directly off of main street and it dates back to the 1700s. If you click on the above photo, you can see a closeup of the broken-and-repaired headstone of one Elizabeth Myers. Go ahead. Seriously, what've you got to lose?

Andy ain't 'fraid of no ghosts
As you can see, our buddy Andy ain't 'fraid of no Elizabeth Myers ghost! Hell, he'll go RIGHT UP to her busted-ass grave marker and STARE. So yeah, there's Andy. In a Graveyard. In Strasburg...

Clicky for a closeup of that plaque
Several of the homes on Main Street in Strasburg are of the historically significant (or just plain old) variety. Most have these little plaques from the Strasburg Heritage Society, some have Lancaster County Historical Society plaques and SOME even have NATIONAL Historic Registry plaques. In this case, if you click, you can see a closeup of how old the Strasburg Heritage Society estimates THIS house to be.

this wee house was built around 1750 - UNDER THE BRITISH CROWN, EVEN!
And speaking of old, this wee shanty is older than a very old thing. In fact, the Strasburg Heritage Society has this little house pegged circa 1750. Think about that date for a bit...This house was built UNDER THE BRITISH CROWN! 1750. This house is closer to 300 years old than it is to 200...Impressive, to say the least. Also: working shutters! You don't see that 'round where I live...On a lighter note, I estimate the VW Beetle out front of the house to be circa 2004.

So that's that for now, kids. As always, thanks for stopping by...I'll definitely have more pictures to share next Friday, seeing as I took a total of 305 while we were on vacation. Anyway, you kids have a great weekend now...

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