Friday, June 01, 2007

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday (Phinally) - The Villa... 

Oh, hey there...How are you doing today? Myself, I'm doing fine...What's that you say? It's Friday again? No WAY! What's that? You say that I haven't posted anything worth a damn on a Friday in WEEKS? Ooh, well...Um...Hey, how's about a Phrickin' Photoblog, huh? Yeah! I could show you pictures from all of the hockey games that my wife and I played and pictures of the rinks we played at and...

Oh...We didn't take any hockey pictures while we were down there...Right...I forgot...Um...Well, here...Here's pictures of the villa that we stayed in at the Scottsdale Plaza...Please to enjoy.
click on 'em and you can see them all HUGE n' shit

Welcome to our (temporary) humble abode
We'll start out today's photographical exhibition with an exterior shot of the particular villa that we stayed in. Cute, ain't it? It's just like a little house except for the lack of a kitchen and the connecting door that the occupants of the suite behind us were way too Goddamned curious about...The little sitting area was great too, we ate a couple meals out there, enjoying the warmth and dodging lizards and scorpions and such.

dining area at suite
Inside the suite, we find the well-appointed dining area and the wet bar. Yes, you can see my goalie stuff spread out near the bar there, drying and replacing the stench of cigarettes with that of musky defeat.

a closer look at my stuff laid out to dry
And since I can hear you clamoring for such things even where I sit, here's a closeup of the stuff as it's drying. And yeah, the trash needs to be emptied. We should've taken down that "do not disturb" sign at some point, I imagine...

Who's That Knocking...On My Door?
Who's that knocking on my door? Why it's the wife, complimentary copy of the Arizona Republic in hand. Also note the position of the fire extingusher, conveniently located OUTSIDE the only door to the residence. Extremely helpful if you're trapped inside. Also also, you can kind of make out that the folks across the way were using their sitting area to dry their equipment...FOOLS! That's what the wet bar is for!

six-dollar water and 3-dollar candy.
And speaking of the wet bar ('cause we were), here's the insanely overpriced snacky basket which sat atop it and went untouched during our stay. Yes, that's the six-dollar water on the left and yes, that's the three-dollar Kit Kat and Skittles and such. Fuck off, hotel! There's a CVS just up the road. There, I get my skittles at a more reasonable price, thank you.

the TV armoire in the bedroom
Moving on with the tour of the villa, we find a shot of the TV armoire in the bedroom. Yes, the bed is unmade. Again, really need to take the "privacy, please" sign down.

and...here's the bathroom
And where else should a tour end than at the bathroom. Yes, there were TWO SINKS in the bathroom and hey, you can see the overpriced hotel robe hanging untouched in the reflection there. I guess for all the little "extras" which cost so much money in the room, I should just feel lucky that we didn't have one of those pay toilets...

So there's that, a little glimpse inside the place which the wife and I stayed while in Scottsdale. As always, thanks for stopping by...You kids have a fine weekend now.

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