Thursday, May 31, 2007

Awesomecast Episode 051 - Better Late Than Never... 

So hey, it's...um...Thursday! Yeah! how cool is THAT?..

What's that you say? It's NOT cool to be late? Not even fashionable anymore to be tardy? Dammit...Oh well...What can I say, being out of town threw everything into a kind of tailspin. I do, though, have the new episode to share with you kids today and it's mostly a recap of my time in Phoenix BUT! But it ends with an update of the former big time DJ M. Dung's progress since we interviewed him in December...Seems that one of the guys who found that interview (Owen Bly of Ranchero Records) has hired ol' Dungboy to emcee some concerts this summer...Regardless, this is the point where you clicky to listen:
Resurrecting People's Careers - it's what we do

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