Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Awesomecast Episode 29 - Interview With The Dung... 

Holy Hell it's Wednesday! Of course, that means that it's time for yet another episode of the ol' awesomecast! Of course, this week's episode isn't just any old episode...Oh no...This week, we have a guest who, even though he didn't know it, had a big influence (albeit from afar) on me when I was still working as a radio DJ. His name is M. Dung and, at one time, he was a big time rock n' roll DJ in places like San Francisco and Detroit and host of "The Sunday Night Idiot Show." Since you're wondering (oh, you were), Collin makes his regular appearance in this week's show and sitting in are my sister Heather and Johnny Huston whom the more loyal of listeners (er...downloaders) will recognize from episodes 7 and 8 of the big podcast...Anyhow, that's enough blather from me, go ahead! Click to listen:
chatting with (former) big time DJ M. Dung

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