Thursday, January 18, 2007

Illustration Friday on Thursday - Eighties!.. 

Now, don't go thinkin' that I've suddenly righted my proverbial ship and have begun posting like a crazy "regular basis" monkey...Sure, this is the SECOND week in a row that I've chosen to participate in the Illustration Friday topic (is it the start of a trend? We'll find out) and YES, this does mark TWO posts in TWO days but...Well...To be fair, I don't want anyone (including me) to get their hopes up...Regardless, I am posting my effort at this week's Illustration Friday topic so let's get on with that...The topic this week was "eighties," one which I was initially not motivated to illustrate. After all, big hair, neon colors and weird pop music can only be so inspiring. Then, though, I had a moment of clarity. What if I were to not draw the 80s per se, but draw someone IN their 80s? Well, you need not ponder the possibilities since that's exactly what I did...Here that is:
click on it to release it's inner giant
Happy 89th birthday!
So there's that. As always, thanks for stopping by...You all have a fine Thursday now...

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