Thursday, January 25, 2007

Illustration Friday on Thursday - I'm SUPER, Thanks For Asking... 

Before I get started with the illustration exhibition, I have to say "happy birthday to my sister. So Happy birthday!
This week's Illustration Friday topic was "super hero," one that I've actually had a lot of opportunity to illustrate in the past. As such, I was tempted to simply use an existing piece but then I thought "no, no the fine folks that would click through to look at my effort deserve better." Whether or not that's true, at least you kids get an original, made-from-scratch illustration for the topic this week...I present "Card Trick Man!"
click him, he's ticklish (and you can see him better)
Is THIS Your Card?
You can use him to do a card trick, too! Of course, first you'll have to learn to force the 5 of diamonds. And you'd have to be next to a computer with internet access. and then you'd have to come here again (sonofcheese.com) and then have your victim friend click on the "is this your card" thing in the upper left corner of the page...Eh...On second thought, it's not worth the effort...Still, thanks for stopping by, you kids have a great Thursday now...

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