Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Awesomecast Episode 30 - How's The Sushi in D.C.?.. 

As is usually the case, following even a moderately tolerable Tuesday, we find ourselves at Wednesday. Of course, this also means that I'm about to bestow another Son of Cheese Half Hour Power Hour Awesomecast on you fine folks. As per usual, Collin joins me for this week's show as does my sister and my wife as we interview our friend Kathy who (along with her gigantor of a husband Chad) recently moved to the Washington D.C. area. We cover such topics as what it's like to move cross country, commutin in our nation's Capital and Kathy even hits us with our first "Sushi report." Of course, you could've discerned all of this for yourselves if you had simply clicked to listen:
Chatting with original ValuHo Kaffy Gill

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