Friday, December 22, 2006

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday - Mom's New Camera!.. 

Holy crap, it's Friday already. Not just any Friday, either...No no, this happens to be the final Friday prior to the Christmas holiday. It also happens to be the Friday following a big blizzard which shut things down for a day or so in our neck of the woods. With all that said, one would think that since I'm busting out the Phrickin' Phriday Photoblog for you fine folks today, that the theme of said photoblog would either be "Christmas" or "Blizzard Pictures" or both. Of course, if one WOULD have thought that, one would be wrong...

See what happens when you try and assign reason to any of my actions?

Anyhow, my mom recently acquired a digital camera and, being that she has trouble with all things electronic, the pictures which she's taken to this point with said digital camera have stayed safely on the digital camera. A couple of days ago, I took her digital camera and got the pictures which were on it so that I can share some of the images with you. I SHALL DELAY NO LONGER! On with the pictures!
you clicky, they biggy. Or something like that...

Abby loves the Squee
My parents got themselves a new cat. Well, the cat isn't new, but...Well, look...Someone died, sadly, and my mom and dad took custody of the guy's cat. The cat's name is Abby and, as you can see here, Abby likes my wife. At least, Abby likes my wife well enough to allow my wife to pet her.

I was hogging Abby's chair
Abby likes to hang out on the back of one of the two large recliners that my parents have in their living room. When I'm visiting, I also like to hang out in one of the aforementioned chairs, albeit not on the back...As you can see here, Abby begrudgingly agreed to share the chair with me (though she wasn't too happy about it).

We Three Bronco Fans of Colorado Are...
Even Walmart sells cool stuff...Here's my wife, myself and my mother all decked out in our Denver Bronco Themed baseball style jerseys. The back even has the number and name of 1 of 3 "popular" Bronco players...My wife was smart enough to get the John Lynch jersey while my mom and I ended up with Jake Plummer...Indeed, we purchased these before Jay Cutler took over as the starting quarterback in the Mile High City...As I tell people now, the placekick holder has ALWAYS been my favorite player...

brains? nooo, lamb leavin's
MEEEEEAAAAT! Are those brains? NO! They're what's left over from the lamb shank I had been trimming up. Lot's of fatty goodness in that pile, believe me. Soon after this picture was taken, I threw that big mess into the trash.

Heyyy, how are ya, where ya from?
Hey, good to see ya, where ya from? This was one of the first pictures taken on mom's camera...How sad is that?

Abby is plotting on you
By popular demand, we're going back to displaying cat pictures...In this photo, you can see Abby in her plotting perch, plotting...Um...Something...Something nefarious, to be sure...Just look at those shifty eyes! Shifty eyed cats can't be trusted...

Abby demands your undivided attention!
Finally we have an example of the fact that when Abby demands attention, she won't give up until you give in. Here we see my mom trying in vain to ignore the cat who, as per usual, got what she wanted through sheer intimidation (also: cuteness).

So there's that...I likely won't get around to posting anything else before the Christmas holiday, so I would like to wish all of you a happy holiday season, regardless of what you celebrate. As always, thanks for stopping by - have a great extended weekend!..

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