Friday, November 10, 2006

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday - More With The Hockey!.. 

Hey, kids, welcome to Friday! Indeed, today is traditionally the day wherein I share things of a visual nature and hope that it'll pass as a blog post...I know that in recent weeks I have shirked my duties regarding the Friday posts BUT TODAY IS A DAY FOR REDEMPTION! Also: photographs. And...Um...'Cause I'm lazy, here comes more pictures of me playing hockey...Ready? Good...Here we go:
click on 'em, they'll get bigger.

Thrilling on-ice action!
We start off today's sporting photoblog with an action panorama. This is what is commonly called a "2 on 1" in the world of hockey, with two offensive players pressing action against one defensive player. The goalie is never counted in equations such as this, just so you know. I can say with certainty, though, that them green folks DID NOT SCORE on the 2 on 1 pictured here. So yay me.

Kids-don't close your eyes. It makes you look like a pansy.
This has to be the coolest picture ever taken of me while I'm playing in goal. Why? LOOK AT THE IMPACT! Seriously, only look at the impact...Do not notice that my eyes are closed for some reason...Tip from me to you, kids: if you ever play goalie in the wonderful sport of hockey, try and keep your eyes open. Otherwise, you just end up looking like a pansy...

go ahead, make that move. YOU WILL NOT SCORE!
This shot would've been another excellent "point of impact" picture if not for the lame-ass who just got ROBBED with a glove save (by me, of course) weren't right where they were. Still, take my word for it: the puck is in my glove. At least I hope it is...

but this was the only goal they got that game.
But since I've been showing way too many shots of me "succeeding," here comes the obligatory "failure" shot. See the stick blade visible in the left part of the picture? Yeah, that belongs to whomever gave the puck away right in front and led to this, the only goal that the stupid green team scored. Oh well, a shutout is a lofty goal to begin with...

waitin' for the whistle
And here we see the protagonist hanging on to the puck and waiting for the referee to blow the whistle. Extra points for anyone who can tell me what the 'H' on my pants stands for...

let's go to the backhand, shall we?
Here I had strayed from the net to play the puck...Either I'm in the process of switching to the backhand, or I had simply missed said puck...Looks more like "backhand" than "failure" and, since "backhand" is slightly more favorable, we'll go with that...BACKHAND!

Just skatin' around...is there a game goin' on?
Here I am just a-toolin' around, skatin' like I have no idea that a game is even going on...Truthfully, I probably have the puck in my glove and am looking to see if I have room to drop it and play it...At least I hope that's the case...

And we end today's photoblog with a nice action shot of me sliding to my right and poke-checking whomever is coming at me. Hell, it could've been my own player, I don't discriminate (although I really should).

So there's that...As always, thanks for stopping by: you kids have a great weekend...

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