Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Everyone Should Be Wearing Shirts This Time Of Year... 

Hey hey, it's Tuesday! You know, as much as I'd love to whip up a long and compelling post, I'm just not gifted with the time to do such things at this point. What I DO have, though, is a new t-shirt design which I added to my Cafepress store yesterday. As per usual, I feel the need to offer a brief explanation prior to showing you kids 'de images...See, last Thursday on the Penn Jillette Show, Gilbert Gottfried was on (via the telephones) talking about his appearance on VH1's Celebrity Paranormal Project. Long story short, Penn said that he hoped the next time he and Gilbert had dinner together that Gilbert wouldn't be wearing a t-shirt that said "Holy Lawdy, I Seen a Ghost!" For whatever reason, that struck me as funny and made me want a shirt that said just that. As such, here are the images that I came up with...
click 'em, they blow up like so many balloons
Holy Lawdy!
this is the small front "heart" logo, roughly 4 inches across on the front left chest

I Seen a GHOST!
And here's the full back image, 10 inches across on the (duh) back of the shirt.

So that's that...Don't forget, tomorrow is Awesomecast day and then...Well, then it's Thanksgiving. You crazy kids have a great Tuesday now...

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