Thursday, October 26, 2006

Illustration Friday on Thursday - Spoooooky!.. 

Hey! It's Thursday! Just so's you all know, we're caught in the middle of a "paralyzing blizzard" in Colorado Springs at the moment. So paralyzing, in fact, that I'm the only one who made it in to work today. "So why aren't you WORKING?" you may ask...Well, don't you worry...I'll get to the working...But I wanted to share some of my half-assed Illustration Friday endeavors with you kids before I set nose to proverbial grindstone...So anyway, this week's theme was "ghost" and since I'm so frickin' prolific with the spooky shit, I gots 5 whole drawings to display...Let's get to them, shall we?
clicky to see them all big n' shit
So last week I was sent to scare this redhead...WHOO, she was hot.
at the office of the dead

Hello. I'm here for your soul.
I couldn't decide if I wanted him standing in a doorway or lying in a coffin. Whichever, you decide.

You KNOW I hate begonias
This happens all the time, I'd wager.

And someone to get the stickers out of his head
Hard to hug with no arms (and no control over one's bowels)

my buddy. MY BUDDY! My buddy and me!
I'll admit, this one sucks.

So there's that. You all have a fine Thursday now!

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