Thursday, October 05, 2006

Illustration Friday on Thursday - Be As Quiet As Possible... 

Ok, it's Thursday, traditionally the day when I post my Illustration Friday efforts (provided that I MADE an effort regarding such things). Well, kids, I DID make an effort this week and I AM prepared to share it with you all. However. Due to circumstances beyond my control (mostly), the most recent AwesomeCast went up a bit late yesterday and so, before I get to the display of all things "drawed up," I'd like to remind you kids that the podcast is up and yes, you can listen to it.

OK, with that crap out of the way, this week's Illustration Friday theme was "quiet" and what follows is my (mostly mentally ill) interpretation.
clicky clicky to see it way biggie
You should always sneaky sneaky when you wish to murder. With an Axe.
So there's that. Thanks for stopping by, you all have a fine Thursday now...

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