Monday, September 25, 2006

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday - Shut Up, It Is SO Friday!.. 

So you might look at the calendar thingie today and say "WTF? It's not Friday, it's Monday?" You might also look again at this page and then BACK at that same calendar and follow up your previous statement with "this guy's an idiot," and you might be right both times. MIGHT be. Still, I decree today to NOT be "Monday" but an annex of Friday wherein I may, if I so desire, display pictures for your collective visual enthrallment. I shall also be allowed to call ANY DAY THAT I DAMN WELL PLEASE "Friday." I am also allowed to simply make up names for days of the week. So you, you just deal with it, yes? Good.

Today's Maudlin Mugshot Monday display contains pictures of yours truly engaged in the sport of hockey during (of all things) a hockey tournament which I participated in AND typed about last month. so seriously...Here they come:
You clicky, they get big.

You Can't Tell The Players Without A Program...
What better way to start off today than with a team picture? Here we all are in our matching glory. Well, mostly matching. There wasn't one of those cool jerseys large enough to fit over all of my equipment which, of course, has to fit over all of my "fat" so I had to bring my own jerseys. Still, we're not a bad lookin' bunch...

Sorry, We're Closed.
Here we see that I'm engaging in a familiar goalie deception tactic: staying still long enough to fool the official into blowing the whistle. I doubt I had the puck here but that never matters. What matters is when that whistle blows.

Resting comfortably while my wife does some work
Much like at home, there I is in the background, resting comfortably while my wife does all the work. That's her, in the foreground, sending the puck up the ice, safely away from me...And since you're wondering, NO, that's NOT a "dammit, I took one to the nuts" pose. That's just the best place to rest my glove hand, on the top of the pads. Anyhow, moving on...

This Guy? Seriously? Not Gonna Score...Ever.
You know, when I play the hockey, I always try to not underestimate anybody. I always treat everyone as a threat to score, yadda yadda yadda. But then there's THIS guy...Believe me, I broke my own rules on this one 'cause, seriously: that guy ain't gonna score. Ever.

Slide across, stop puck. Sounds simple, right?
Here I'm all readied up to stop...something...

They entered the radius of my 'windmill of destruction.'
Heh...See those two poor fools there? They both ran into me and toppled like so many bowling pins. One's even on MY TEAM. Proof that I am nothing if not an indiscriminate windmill of destruction.

Glove save...
Glove save! See, kids, that's what you get when you keep your eye on the puck and to prove it...

Keep Your Eye On The (enter sports projectile here)
...This picture will better display exactly how wide-eyed and alert I was there...

Why look at everything? It's nap time anyway...
And for those of you who are tired of seeing pictures of me "succeeding," here's a darn good one of me failing. This is what happens when you set up for a low shot and then one of your teammates deflects the puck up into your mask. Not only do little water droplets and ice chips hit you in the eyes, but you recoil like a pansy and the puck banks in...I guess the lesson is "trust no one."

So there you have it kids, a Phrickin' Phriday Photoblog to cure all that ails you. Unless what ails you is like...A real disease...If that's the case...Um...See your doctor. But anyway, have a great not-Monday, kids!

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