Friday, August 11, 2006

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday: Still Rocking... 

And Welcome to Phrickin' Phriday (Shitty Shukravar, for my real-live Slurpee Indians out there). Yep, kids, "Casual Friday" as it's known 'round these parts. Indeed, the one day of the workweek where I can display my grotesquely pale (yet surprisingly shapely) calves and NOT catch Hell for it. It's also the day, of course, where I routinely offer up little chunks of picturey goodness for your collective (like...2 people is a collective, right?) enjoyment. Similar to last week, I have more pictures which fall under the category of "natural splendor" and...um..."rocks." Seriously, though, that's enough bluster outta me...ON WITH THE PHOTOGRAPHS!
when you click on them, they'll swell up (but not with pride)

It's CONFIRMED! Birds! On a ROCK!
Ok, I WAS right last week! Those ARE birds up there, makin' themselves at home on that rock...Dirty little fuckers, just a-poopin' and hopin' that some out-of-stater comes a-climbin'...Or maybe I'm giving these particular birds' thought process too much credit..."Birds on a rock," though, sounds like an even BETTER title for a movie than "Snakes on a Plane."

Man, them's some purty rocks!
Ok, the task here is to find the legendary "kissing camels" formation. It's in there somewhere, this just isn't the angle which it's usually photographed from. HA HA HA! An impossible task (one which most, if not all, of you have already accomplished while I was laughing maniacally for no apparent reason).

Damn! Look at all them rocks!
And, yeah...Wow. Uh...More rocks. And some trees. And stuff. There you go...

Wow...Um...Ok, I'm pretty damn tired of rocks.
Aaaand more stinkin' rocks...Ok, so there's only so many representations of "natural splendor" I can look at before I start hoping that something (ANYTHING) really "cool" happens (like, say, a giant vulture swoops in and carries off someone's kid or a random ice cream truck bursts into flames and the driver, while on fire, runs away flailing his now useless limbs and screaming "SAVE THE ROCKET POPS!"). regardless of my puny attention span, It's obvious that my wife did a heck of a job taking these pictures and I'm sure that you've all enjoyed looking at them. Seriously. You did. You loved them. Resistance is futile. Anyway, as always, thanks for stopping by today...Have a great weekend, kids!

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