Friday, August 04, 2006

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday-Lookin' At Rocks ROCKS!.. 

And...Stop. You're done. You've made it as far as Friday and it's time to just lie down and take a break. As a public service whilst you rest your weary blog-bones, I shall now present to you another installment in the vaunted Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday series of posts. Today's post is of the tiny variety, but it still manages to get it's point across. Today, I get to share with you some of the "natural beauty" which exists right here where I live...See, a short while back, my wife grabbed the camera and took a hike (literally) at the Garden of the Gods. The resultant pictures I shall share with you all now AND next week (I know you totally cannot wait). So yeah...Here we go with those...
click on the natural beauty to see even larger natural beauty.

Get Outta The Way, You Big Stupid ROCK!
You know, it never frickin' fails. You're trying to take a breathtaking photograph of a lovely blue sky and a Goddamned ROCK jumps in your way! GET OUT OF THE DAMN WAY, YOU BIG, STUPID ROCK! Seriously, where are your manners!?

Well Hot Shit, Look at THAT mountain!
Speaking of majestic (I'm sure we were), here's a wonderful shot of Pike's Peak sans a visible snowcap. Indeed, there are a handful of days out of the year where the weather is totally kick ass as high up as 14,400 feet. I mean, there's more than a handful of great weather days here...Just not up THERE...You know..."Above treeline." Anyway...

Hey, are those BIRDS!?
Hey! Are those BIRDS up there on that rock!? Dammit birds, I told you to stay off of there! Aww man, now the whole rock is gonna be covered with bird poopy. Eww. That just means that the next out-of-stater who tries to climb the rock and subsequently fall to their death (or serious injury) will have a legitimate excuse..."I coulda made it! I really could but my hand slipped. Bird poo, I think."

Aww, what a purty little flower...
And we end today's micro-photoblog with a lovely shot of a cute little flower. Of course, this shot serves to illustrate one very important fact: the "close-up" mode on my digital camera works REALLY really well.

So there you go: much natural splendor and such for your collective visual enjoyment. As always, thanks for stopping by...You all have a fine weekend now...

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