Thursday, August 31, 2006

Illustration Friday on Thursday - You Can't Outrun The Reaper... 

He's been Crosstraining in the off-season...
Hot shit, this week is going by like a stinkin' blur! As it stands, we are currently entrenched in "Thursday" and, since you WILL ignore my complete lack of a post last Thursday, I know that you have arrived at my humble blogsitething today in hoped that I shall share my latest Illustration Friday endeavor with you all. Well, even though I KNOW that you've all heard the phrase "get used to disappointment" more than once in your collective lives, TODAY IS NOT THE DAY FOR YOU TO BE FORLORN! On the contrary, today (all 2 or 3 of) you shall be rewarded for your faithful clicking! HERE COMES THAT ILLUSTRATION! the theme was "run" and, if you click on the speedy little bastard, he'll get big enough to see real well.
Running will kill you. Kill you dead. But, on the bright side,  you'll leave a slender corpse!
Indeed, even though I colored him up special today, just for you, this is not a "brand new" illustration. I drew the above featured "sprinting skeleton" some time ago. He even graces the $25 chip from my custom poker chip collection:
I'm all in!
So there you go...As always, thanks for stopping by - you all have a fine Thursday now...

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