Thursday, August 17, 2006

Illustration Friday on Thursday - PLAY PLAY PLAY!.. 

Wow, is it Thursday ALREADY? Holy Crap, it IS! Frankly, this week's Illustration Friday theme was one which I was pretty much oblivious of (until just a few minutes ago when I checked to see what it is). Just so's you all know, the theme this week is the terribly vague "play" and, since it SO snuck up on me this time, I will admit that instead of creating something fresh and new for you crazy kids to take a look at, I just pulled something from my (vast) archive (of crap) and modified it. Slightly. Anyhow, here it is:
click, it gets big
Run, Forrest! Run!
So there's that. Heck, with football season looming ominously on the horizon, this worked out as "relevant" even. Regardless, thanks for stopping by, you all have a fine Thursday...

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