Friday, July 14, 2006

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday-It's Like A POSTCARD! (Or Not)... 

And so, with the rigors of the workweek nearly in our collective rear-view mirror, we find ourselves enjoying yet another (biz-cas) Friday. Of course, what would a Friday be without (yet another) Phrickin' Photoblog for your collective visual pleasure? Indeed, much like last week, I cannot take credit for the taking of the photos which I'm about to display (my wife took 'em) but what the Hell...At least you get to see some pictures today...The photos which follow were taken in and around Palmer Park while my wife was runnin' around with other teachers, gettin' "smart" n' such so that they can all maintain their teaching licenses. Anyhow, enough of my yammering: let's get on with them pictures!
you clicky, they get big big BIG!

God's private garden
Here's a wonderful shot of God's private garden, conveniently called "the Garden of the Gods." This impressive rock formation (believe me, it's MUCH bigger than it appears here), located on the Northwest side of Colorado Springs, not only serves as a reminder of our lord and savior's green...er...ORANGE thumb, but is a wildly popular tourist attraction. Hell, I don't think that I can remember a summer (and I've lived here for 32 years now) where SOME dumbass from out of state didn't fall to their death (or severely injure themselves) because they were climbing around on these things without proper safety gear. Would it be proper to say "Fall to one's severe injury?" I mean, "he fell to his death" is so dramatic and sounds so proper to describe when someone falls and they die but...What if they make it? "He fell to his shattered pelvis and multiple contusions." No, it just doesn't sound right...Saying it like that makes It sounds as if the pelvis and contusions were down on the ground, shouting up at whomever saying "Fall! Fall! Fall!"...Anyway, moving on...

Big puffy clouds rollin' in over the Peak
And here's a great shot of "America's Mountain," Pike's Peak. See them clouds rollin' in, already dumping some rain? Yep, that's a pretty common afternoon occurance here when it's Summer. In fact, back when I was still a low-paid radio DJ, I wouldn't even check with the National Weather Service in the summertime, I would just recite this same forecast when it came time for the "Exclusive 4-day 4-cast": "Partly cloudy today with the possibility of an afternoon shower or two. Expect a high 'round 85, and an overnight low in the upper 50s." Worked every time...Suckers...


Downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado
Here's a fine shot of downtown Colorado Springs as seen from the (really cool) observation point in Palmer Park. Way back in elementary school, we'd all be shamed into participating in the Walk for Mankind. I'd usually just collect the minimum pledge amount (5 bucks from my mom) just so I could say I did it...Anyhow, it was a 12 mile walk and THIS section (the observation point) was my favorite part of it. Not for the view or anything, but it was the place where all the vendors were set up and you could get food...and stuff...Anyway...


Lord Willin' (and the crik don't rise!)
And here's where we'll end today's very scenic photoblog, with an excellent representation of one of those typical afternoon showers. The sky gets dark and the clouds open up and everyone gets wet. The weirdest thing is, though, that these "storms" only last like...20 minutes. Oh well, can't have everything I guess...Anyhow, thanks for stoppin' by today...I hope you enjoyed the preceding scenic glimpses of Colorado Springs...You all have a fine weekend now...

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