Thursday, July 20, 2006

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday-Do You Believe In Magic (and AWESOMECASTS)?.. 

Wow, how time flies!..All of a sudden, I wake up and it's Phrickin' Phriday! Of course, this stray fact should clue in the few of you who will stumble by my humble little blogsitething today that you are about to be rewarded with the display of photographic goodness! Today's phrickin' photoblog features NOT ONLY the two pictures which we took while we were in Las Vegas recently, but those will be followed by (yet more) "podcasts-in-the-works" pics. Certainly, I should delay your picturey gratification no longer...Off with the jibber-jabber and ON WITH THE PHOTOGRAPHS!
when you click on the pictures, they BALOON so's you can get a better look at 'em (with your GOOD eye)...

Teller Getting Close With My Wife...
Here's my wife being...well..."nuzzled," for lack of a better term by STAR of stage, screen and television: Teller (of the comedy and magic team Penn and Teller). Heather didn't know exactly what he was doing while I took this picture (and I wouldn't tell her). She had to wait until the film was developed (yeah, I TOTALLY said "developed!" We had one of them "disposable" cameras with us). When she saw the picture, she said "what the...He looks BORED!" Still, nice tie, Teller!..

What The Fuck...Is That A CAMERA!?
Conversely, here I am NOT being "nuzzled" (thank God) by STAR of stage, screen and television: Penn Jillette (of the comedy and magic...oh, you get the idea). You know, it never fails. I only get like...One chance per year to have a picture taken with any sort of celebrity and I end up looking like an idiot. "What the Hell, is that a CAMERA over there?" At least I wore my good shirt...I think my wife snapped the picture a little fast...Regardless, nice...uh...Nice watch, Penn!..

Recording More Pod...Er...AWESOMECASTS!
And now, quickly moving from Las Vegas to Studio De Chevalier, here we all are (Collin, my sister Heather, myself and broadcast veteran Johnny Huston) recording one of those impending AWESOMECASTS...OBSERVE the two new microphones! SEE how happy Heather is to be a part of the action! FEEL sorry for Collin 'cause he...didn't have much to say during this particular episode...

co-host Collin and my sister Heather
But, not having anything to say certainly doesn't dampen Collin's mood any! On the contrary, he and Heather appear so damn happy in this photograph, I really don't know what to say!..

2 faces made for radio
And finally, we end today's Phrickin' Photoblog with a shot that clearly illustrates the "face for radio" principle...Man, if that's not the stupidest look ever that I have on my face, I don't know what is..."Nyuuurrrrr, durrh! (drool)" By the same token, Johnny appears to be positively RIVETED by what I'm saying...Still, though, look at that awesome new Microphone!..Yeah!..

So anyway, as always, thanks for stopping by...You all have a fine weekend now...

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